Hi, I’m David

Here you will find my resume and a sample of my instructional design work.

Hi, I'm David

What I have to offer as an Instructional Designer

Comprehensive Knowledge of Teaching Strategies: With a thorough understanding of instructional design theories and methods, I apply well-known frameworks such as the ADDIE Model to enhance teaching effectiveness, leveraging adult learning principles and multimedia integration.

Proficient in Educational Technology: I possess significant expertise in educational technology and multimedia production, specializing in the creation of instructional videos, adaptive e-learning platforms, and educational games to ensure dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

Excellent Team and Leadership Abilities: I demonstrate strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, offering leadership within various teams while also being capable of working independently to ensure the smooth and successful progression of projects. I excel at working well with others, ensuring collaborative success.

Innovative and Solution-Focused Problem-Solving: I have a keen ability to understand complex problems and develop novel solutions, maintaining a strong focus on effective and practical outcomes.

What I Love Doing